Come meet the

Homie SF team!


Homie SF wouldn't be what it is today without my team working behind the scenes to help me!

Thank you for being (=^ ◡ ^=)

Team Homie

This page is dedicated to them and to showcase what they do for Homie SF <3


My partner, rock, and #1 supporter! He is with me for a majority of my events helping me make sales, acting as my bodyguard and muscle, and literally taking care of me whenever it gets too busy and I forget about taking care of myself.


The true backbone of Homie SF is Stephanie!(*^‿^*)She is the accountant and helps keep track of all the spending, earnings, and inventory. At the end of every event, I can count on Stephanie to help me prep the event conclusion as I am heading back home.


Not only is Aaron my brother, he is also the person who helps keep me grounded and set realistic standards for Homie SF. Aaron helps Homie SF on the operational side by helping me figure out pricing, deciding on what products to sell, and giving honest feedback when I dream a little too big.


Steven is our photographer and he helps capture the behind-the-scenes of Homie SF! At events, he'll always capture candid photos of me, Earl, and my whole team if they're there with me. Besides capturing candids, Steven also helps take product photos for this very website!


Brandon is the Homie SF designer! He made our wonderful logo, perfectly portraying Homie SF as a gift shop\(^▽^)/

If there any design questions or tips, he is there to help guide and help me so that Homie SF will look the best it can!